Zero 信任 — the best security has identity at the heart

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Balance security with usability

It's clear: the more identities you manage, the greater your risk. You need an Identity-powered strategy that gives the right people access to the right resources at the right time—on any device.

A Zero 信任 strategy pays off


Faster integration with best-of-the-best security systems and apps


Faster Identity-related innovation for usability / security features vs. 本地


Reduced time to detect and respond to identity-related attacks


Fewer breach incidents vs. legacy / homegrown solutions

How Identity-powered is your security?

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to achieving a Zero 信任 security architecture. That’s because every organization is at a different stage of its journey, but identity is at the heart of any successful adoption. We’ve broken down the stages of Identity adoption and progression through a Zero 信任 journey for you to base yourself against.

Zero trust pyramid
5. 进化模型

Fully embracing the concept of least privileged access.

4. 提升模型

Leveraging Identity as a central control point across security.

3. 成熟的模型

Mitigating risk and optimizing resources.

2. 新兴模式

Balancing user experience and security.

1. Traditional Model

Incorporating identity into the security stack.

Where are you in the Zero 信任 journey? Measure your current identity security posture in just 5 minutes.

Anatomy of Identity-Based Attacks

Learn from our security experts how teams like yours can mitigate threats and fortify your defenses.

Build for Zero 信任 solutions.

Zero 信任 isn't a feature, it's a strategy

Okta seamlessly integrates your identity solution across your entire technology ecosystem, 和合作伙伴 with other security leaders, to unify your approach to Zero 信任.

Interested in where your organization falls on this maturity curve? Take our Zero 信任 Assessment to get personalized recommendations on how to tackle the Zero 信任 journey with identity and secure your organization.

Here’s how we helped other leading brands become Identity-powered

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Ready for Identity-powered security?

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